1. What is Privilege Card?
Privilege Card is an initiative of chatorigaon.com. The card is used as a concession coupon at the counter of many food outlets and/or restaurants to avail the money off up to 50%. The card presented by us at Rs. 499 only and is applicable at many restaurants, refreshment cafeteria and/or a lots more food outlets in Delhi NCR and Other Parts of India for an entire year.

2. Anyone can avail the card?
Yes. Anyone; any food lover who likes to have a meal out or orders food item at home can definitely avail the card.

3. How can I avail the Privilege Card?
Availing this Privilege Card is very easy. You only need to contact one of our representatives or may call up on our toll-free number or logon to our website that is www.chatorigaon.com.
Just drop a mail providing us with your name, address, and contact details etc.
You need to pay Rs. 499 only to our representative or you may pay online as well; the card will be delivered at the address you have mentioned.

4. What is the validity of this card?
The Privilege Card is valid for One Full Year from the Date of Activation. Your card will be valid till One Year including the date of delivery. The expiry date will be mentioned on our Privilege Card.

5. How can I use it?
You can use the Privilege Card just like a debit or credit card at the counter of any restaurants, cafeteria, or other food vendors allied with us. But, it can never be used for paying any bill.
Always feel free to call us up; our representatives will assist you to use the card. You can also chat with us for any support and/or assistance.

6. What are the advantages of using/having the Privilege Card?
As an exclusive product, this Privilege Card is intended for availing money off at many restaurants, cafeteria, or other food vendors associated with us in Delhi NCR. You will have many advantages of this card such as:
  • You can avail the concession up to 50% at different food outlets, restaurants, cafeteria in Delhi NCR & Other Parts of India.
  • In upcoming days, it would be applicable for the restaurants and/or other food outlets in many other Major cities of India as well.
7. How will I get discount by using the Privilege Card?
In order to get the discount, you need to have a meal outside or you may order some food stuffs at home from the any of the food vendors and/or restaurants allied with us.