At chatorigaon, we invite varied Restaurants, Food Vendors, FMCG, etc to be our partner. We will support them boost their sales and in branding & promotions. We will give them the power of mouth publicity through related mediums along with listing them on our portal. We also encourage them to share their offers, coupon and discounts related information with us so that we can help them to reach to numerous customers/food lovers.

Affiliate Partner
Here, we encourage various Vendors, Restaurants, FMCG, etc to get associated with us through the medium of varied distinguished parameters. The restaurants, food vendors or FMCG vendors, etc… who want to be associated with us on the affiliate model, we can provide them an offer between 5% - 20% of our total revenue. We also help the affiliates to list their details on our portal and other locations, where every hit related to sales, will help them to earn profit and expand the business.

Branding Partner
The vendors eager to be our branding partner, we provide an opportunity to them to make their presence in the hands of Users with our most awaited Privilege Card. We offer them their Identity in form of their logo on the back side of our Privilege Card, in our website and other promotions places. We offer these options to the every related company who help our associated Restaurants, Food Vendors, FMCG vendors, etc to make a presence in mind of users, by simply offering their end listeners, readers or viewers to know more about them and their offers, discounts and coupons.

Channel Partner
At chatorigaon, we also offer Food Vendors, Restaurants and FMCG vendors to become our Channel Partner by offering these cards and various other offers, discount and coupon to their end customers. We will not only provide them with the branding solution, but also promote them in our magazine, newsletter, portal, app, etc... Also, to all the customer of the total sales, we offer our OEM Partner to take an advantage of 5% - 20% of the total sales.

Franchise Partner
For all the franchise partners, we provide them with the 20 % – 30 % of the total sales against the Customers, Food Vendors, Restaurants, FMCG vendors in the particular city. They need to have a well established office space of 1000 sq.ft. with 1 conference room, 3 cabins and sitting place for 4 operators, at the prime location of the city.