Terms & Conditions for Vendors

Summary of Terms & Conditions Applicable

  • “Chatori Gaon” (www.chatorigaon.com) will register the details of all Restaurants, Bars, Lounges, and/or other food retailers along with the offers on its web-portal, mobile application and other means where “Chatori Gaon” has the facility and proficiency to promote the restaurant.
  • Delivery person should be courteous and neat and well dressed.
  • Concession conditions maintained on the privilege cards should be followed.
  • The food items delivery should be proper and timely by the food retailers’ end.
  • The quality and quantity of the food should be maintained.
  • Orders should be delivered with no damage and/or leakage, if it is so, redelivery of the same has to be made.
  • Food Retailers will grant the home delivery and/or pickup of orders forwarded by “Chatori Gaon” (www.chatorigaon.com).
  • Food should be prepared with appropriate safety and standards keeping hygienic situations in mind.
  • The price of every piece in menu should go with to the amount displayed on the portal/ magazine. If there would be any updates and/or changes in the price of any item, Food Retailers has to inform the Chatori Gaon and Food Retailers need to clear the price things to the callers on calls as well.
Changes in Restaurant’s information:
  • In case of any change in Discount Details, Offers, Menu, Item Prices, Quantity, Operating time, Contact details etc; the “Food Retailers” needs to notify “Chatori Gaon” (www.chatorigaon.com) via email or phone calls as soon as possible.
  • Changes would be amended and begin in practice within 24 hours of receiving information.
Legal Statement
  • The data (statistics and information) that you present to “Chatori Gaon” (www.chatorigaon.com) will be used only for the purpose of recording the payment.
  • We guarantee that the data (statistics and information) is used for no other purposes and is not disclosed to a third party.
Applicable Laws
  • This web portal is administered by “Chatori Gaon” (www.chatorigaon.com) from its office in Noida, UP, India.
  • These conditions will be administrated by and taken in accordance with the Indian law, with no giving cause to any rules of conflicts of laws.
Termination of agreement
  • Both Parties can cease and terminate this agreement at anytime, in lettering, within a 15 days notice. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties by their duly endorsed personal agents have caused this agreement to be accomplished as of the day as well as the year first above printed.

Terms & Conditions for Users

  • The card will be applicable only on our associated Restaurants, Bars, Lounges, and/or other food retailers.
  • The authority of this Privilege Card will be for one complete year as mentioned on it.
  • You have to show your Privilege card prior to ordering your preferred food items or before paying the bill.
  • Concession using this card may vary from one restaurant/food outlet to another.
  • The concession would be administered by the associated restaurant/food outlet where you go for dining or take away.  
  • Pre-booking before visiting Restaurant is must for Table Booking and Avail Healthy Discounts.